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Eldercare accounting and management


The population in the United States of America and all over the world today is living longer. In the 1920’s, if an individual reached his/her 40’s he/she had beaten the odds. Today the average person, with reasonably good lifestyle habits, can expect to reach well into his/her 70’s.


The number of people living healthy active lives in their 80’s, 90’s and even 100’s is growing rapidly. Today, with the emphasis on healthcare access, proper diet and exercise, one can expect the life expectancy figures to continue to rise.


This longevity phenomenon has created a relatively new field – Eldercare Accounting - providing accounting services and financial management assistance to this aging population.  The Eldercare Accounting function has been developed not only to address the apparent needs of this aging community but also to protect them from criminal elements that tend to prey on the elderly.  By utilizing the services of a trained, licensed professional the client obtains an element of security that is not otherwise available.  Eldercare accounting not only covers recordkeeping and tax preparation, but extends to financial management, investment advice, management of income and expenditures of the eldercare client.


The office of G.A. Clahar, CPA is staffed with caring individuals who are committed to providing excellent services, specifically tailored to the needs and circumstances of each client in this particular people group.


Eldercare Services Offered:

  • Assistance navigating the Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security systems
  • Advice on money management and budgeting
  • Assistance with investing during the retirement years
  • Financial planning and strategies for retirement
  • Bill paying
  • Other accounting and management services dictated by the individual client needs

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