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General Accounting


Properly recording business transactions is key in ensuring that an individual or business pays the minimum tax required by law.  Under-reporting of expenses or over-reporting of revenue items can create significant increases in tax liabilities to the federal, state and local governments.   We aim to reduce the chance of such errors occurring by properly training our clients, or taking over the recording keeping function completely.  We are available to our clients year-round so they can call or come in to our office when they have questions or concerns.  All accounting records are maintained according to generally accepted accounting principles.


We utilize updated, professional accounting software that can handle the record keeping functions of very small to medium-sized companies.  We provide management reports (internal use) as frequently as needed - from once per month to once per year.  We also prepare financial statement packages for external use. In our office the general accounting functions are carried out by trained accountants who are also familiar with the industry that the client is in.


Some of our larger clients are capable of performing their own general accounting and/or bookkeeping duties.  For these clients we are available for consulting and training purposes in updating, upgrading or improving the utilization of their current general accounting programs.


If you feel that your general accounting function could use an upgrade or just some tweeking, give us a call or come to see us.  We will be glad to offer the support that you need.

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